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Motor-operated Chassis for Circuit Breaker
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Motor-operated Chassis for Circuit Breaker

Purpose and Function

The chassis is mainly used for circuit breakers, transformers and other components in withdrawable switchgear, to push in and withdraw
the devices to
assist the connection of components and the buses. When the chassis coordinates with internal mechanisms of circuit
breakers and other interlocking devices
of middle-positioned switchgear, it can meet the interlocking requirements of “five preventions”
in GB3906, its specific functions are as follows:

1 Only when the handcart is at test / isolation or working positions, the circuit breaker can be switched on, and after the breaker
is closed,
the handcart can’t move, so as to prevent the occurrence of misconnection of isolating contacts under on-load condition.

2. When the handcart is at the working position or about 10mm from the test / isolation position, the earthing switch can’t be closed,
in order to
prevent falsely closing of earthing switch under live condition.

3 When the earthing switch is closed, the handcart can’t move to working position from the test / isolation position, to prevent the
earthing switch closing
the circuit breaker at closing position.

4 After the chassis entering into the cabinet, once it leaves the test / isolation position, the handcart can’t be pulled out from the cabinet.

In order to meet the needs of unattended monitoring and remote control of small grid, the motor-operated chassis designed and developed
by the company
has added electric in and out function without changing the original functions or installing dimensions. This type chassis
is intelligently controlled by SCM or
PLC program, computer interface is reserved, it has features of reliable structure, easy installation,
long life, high intelligence and high generality.


Technical Parameters

Power supply voltage AC/DC110V.AC/DC220V

Motor load rated power less than 300W, DC110V, DC220V

Output connect point 5A, AC250V or DC30V

Power consumption < 5W

Power frequency withstand voltage AC2.5KV/ l min

Protection level: IP20 IP20 

Working environment temperature: -20℃ to +50℃

Outline Dimensions


Installation Type: panel (embedded) installation, hole size: 91mmX91mm

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