Company Culture

Core concept of culture
Spirit: Harmony, humility, practicalism, innovation
Values: Honesty & law abidance, focus on performance, continuous reform
Operation philosophy: Create values for customers, seek development for employees, and assume responsibility for the society
Vision: Committed to developing into a leading weighing products supplier and system solution provider

System and specifications
We own complete enterprise legal person system and management system and have transmitted from a family enterprise to a “modern enterprise”.

Carry out various work soundly in accordance with the Company’s management standards, system and procedures;
Adopt the functional organization structure for the Company’s management;
Conduct routine management by the means of combined centralization and decentralization;
Establish a permanent distribution mechanism for “Creating values, sharing results and taking risk commonly”.

Code of Conduct
The top management takes the responsibilities for making decisions on strategy and management. In accordance with the principle of “Efficiency first considering justice”, the combined decision-making style of person decision and group decision is adopted;

Production and operation management is aimed to resolve three problems: “What”, “How many” and “How”.
Positioning principle: Quality first, customer upmost, production and marketing interaction.
Product development and design: Employ the two-level development system to continuously develop new products, persistently improve product quality, shorten development period and reduce development cost;

Production & operation system: Build a production & operation system frame which is most suitable for the enterprise and shall become its fixed assets at maximum speed and minimum cost.

Team building: Establish a professional management and technical team with common corporate culture, high sense of innovation, strong expertise and international perspective.

Operational Practice
In operational practice, no matter who we might face, including consumers, competitors, suppliers, agents, government, media or the society, we have always been complying with the principle of “Quality first, customer upmost, fair competition, harmony and win-win, honesty and laws abidance, repaying the society”.

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Tel: 0086-574-88431113

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