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40.5kv(36kv)MAC5 High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker
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40.5kv(36kv)MAC5 High Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

VMD5-40.5 indoors a.c. high voltage vacuum circuit-breaker (hereafter refers to as circuit breaker) is three phase ac 50HZ, 
the rated voltage 40.5kV indoors switching gear. The circuit breaker conforms to GB1984-1989 " high voltage Circuit breaker", 
JB3855-1996 "3.6 - 40.5kV Indoors. high voltage Vacuum circuit-breaker" and the IEC related standard. The circuit breaker may 
supply the industry and mining enterprise, the power plant and the transformer substation using of as the analysis and synthesis 
load current, the excess current, the fault current, and is suitable for the frequent operation place.

Using Environmental Condition 
2.1 altitudes above sea level: <= 1000m 
2.2 ambient temperatures: Highest does not surpass 40 ℃ , the daily average value does not surpass 35 ℃ ; 
Most is lower than -15 ℃ . 
2.3 environment humidities: The date relative humidity mean value is not bigger than 95%; The date steam pressure mean 
value does not surpass 2.2kpa; The month relative humidity mean value is not bigger than 90%; The month steam pressure 
mean value does not surpass 1.8kpa. 
2.4 earthquake intensities: Is lower than 8 levels of 
2.5 circuit breakers to have to install is not having the fire, the non- explosion hazard, non-corrosiveness gas and the not fierce 
vibration place.
2.6 the electronmagetic interference peak-to-peak value which induces in two systems does not surpass 1.6kv. 
2.7 power sources conditions: Direct current 110V, 220V; Exchanges 110V, the 220V 
2.8 customers like has other special requests, may when the ordering proposed, the our company may give most greatly satisfies.

Technical standard
All the technical parameters of breaker completely satisfy the Standards Of GB1984 AC Highvoltage Breaker, 
GB/T 11022 -1999 Common Specifications For High-Voltage Switchgear And Controlgear Standards, 
China Power Sector Standards DL403.Also meet the requirements of IEC62271-100, IEC56 and other main
industrialized country’s similar standards

MAC series circuit breaker have passed has passed following test , to ensure the product’s safe Operation.
Type tests : power-frequency withstand voltage tests , lighting impact withstand voltage tests,  temperature rising tests, short-time withstand current tests ,
peak withstand current tests ,short circuit breaking ability tests , mechanical lift tests,
Routine test before out of factory: mechanical performance test, power-frequency withstand voltage tests of the main circuit , 
insulating property  tests on control and auxiliary circuits ,measurement of the resistance of the main circuit , interlock operating
tests , mechanical operating tests, Electrical Equipment operating tests.

Scope of application
It is universally used in power plant , electric network , metallurgy industry petrochemical industry and infrastructures,
such as airport , subway, building. MAC circuit breakers can be applied to control and protect cable , trolley wire,transformer, 
generator and capacitor bank in distribution system

MAC  circuit breaker possesses  perfect mechanical and electric interlock equipment , meanwhile ,its high reliable operating 
performance and mechanical life , coordinated with matched switchgear cabinet ,to ensure normal power distribution , operator 
and equipment’s safety. 

Technical Parameters
Item  Unit
Rated voltage  KV  36 (40.5)
1 min power frequency withstand voltage   KV 95
Lightning impulse withstand voltage    KV 195
Rated frequency   Hz 50/60
Rated current  A 630, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500
Rated short-time withstand current  KA 20, 25, 31.5
Rated withstand current(peak)         KA 50, 63, 80
Rated short-circuit opening current  KA 20, 25, 31.5
Rated short-circuit closing current  KA 50, 63, 80
Rated duration of short-circuit      S 4
Opening time  ms 20-45
Closing time  ms 30-80
Rated operating sequence  O-0.3s-CO-180-CO
Mechanical life cycles 10000

Outline Dimensions

40.5kv (36kv) circuit breaker / embedded pole styled / 210mm pole distance

40.5kv (36kv) circuit breaker / embedded pole styled / 210mm pole distance

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