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MAC Series 17.5kv Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
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MAC Series 17.7kv Indoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Product introduction
The  MAC series indoor circuit-breaker is our independent developed new generation 17.5 kv vacuuum circuit breaker. 
Its main characters as follows: the conductance circuit is installed in an three-phase insulating sleeve , its mechanism 
and conductance circuit adopts front and rear layout. And the mechanism is our deveoped new design, with simple 
construction, reliable operation,and rich manufacturing experiences of million sets , used  and learned by many high-end
vacuum circuit breaker manufacturers.

Technical standard
All the technical parameters of breaker completely satisfy the Standards Of GB1984 AC Highvoltage Breaker, 
GB/T 11022 -1999 Common Specifications For High-Voltage Switchgear And Controlgear Standards, 
China Power Sector Standards DL403.Also meet the requirements of IEC62271-100, IEC56 and other main
industrialized country’s similar standards

MAC series circuit breaker have passed has passed following test , to ensure the product’s safe Operation.
Type tests : power-frequency withstand voltage tests , lighting impact withstand voltage tests,  temperature rising tests, short-time withstand current tests , peak withstand current tests ,short circuit breaking ability tests , mechanical lift tests,etc.
Routine test before out of factory: mechanical performance test, power-frequency withstand voltage tests of the main circuit , 
insulating property  tests on control and auxiliary circuits ,measurement of the resistance of the main circuit , interlock operating
tests , mechanical operating tests, Electrical Equipment operating tests.

Scope of application
It is universally used in power plant , electric network , metallurgy industry petrochemical industry and infrastructures,
such as airport , subway, building. MAC circuit breakers can be applied to control and protect cable , trolley wire,transformer, 
generator and capacitor bank in distribution system

MAC  circuit breaker possesses  perfect mechanical and electric interlock equipment , meanwhile ,its high reliable operating 
performance and mechanical life , coordinated with matched switchgear cabinet ,to ensure normal power distribution , operator 
and equipment’s safety. 

Technical Parameters
Item  Unit Data
Rated voltag KV 17.5
1 min power frequency withstand voltage   KV 50
Lightning impulse withstand voltage     KV 95
Rated frequency  Hz 50
Rated current A 630, 1250, 1600
Rated short-time withstand current   KA 20, 25, 31.5
Rated withstand current(peak)         KA 50, 63, 80,
Rated short-circuit opening current  KA 20, 25, 31.5
Rated short-circuit closing current KA 50, 63, 80
Rated duration of short-circuit       额定短路持续时间 S 4
Rated operating sequence O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO 
Mechanical life   times 10000, 30000

Outline Dimensions

17.5kv circuit breaker / embedded pole styled / 150mm pole distance

17.5kv circuit breaker /  assembly pole styled / 150mm pole distance

17.5kv circuit breaker / embedded pole styled / 210mm pole distance

17.5kv circuit breaker /  assembly pole styled / 210mm pole distance

17.5kv circuit breaker / embedded pole styled / 275mm pole distance

17.5kv circuit breaker /  assembly pole styled / 275mm pole distance

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