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Insulator 40.5KV-∮145*330
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Insulator 40.5KV-∮145*330
Insulator 40.5KV-∮145*330

Product Introduction

1.Application Scope: Our post insulators are widely used in 3.6kV~40.5kV AC electrical device and high voltage equipments under   frequency 100Hz.

2. Service Condition: for indoor installation. Operating temperature: -5°C~45°C

3. Structure: Post type, epoxy resin casting

4. Electrical Characteristics:

a. Rated Insulation Level:






b. Partial discharge: not more than 10pC at applied voltage 1.1Ur.

c. Be capable of withstanding temperature cycle test without any damage.

5. Material: high quality epoxy resin, which is nonflammable and self-extinguished.

6. Mechanical characteristics:

a. Always undergoes the tensile test, torsion test, compression test

b. Mechanical strength is always tested and within the standard value:

2000N, 4000N, 6000N, 8000N, 10000N

12000N, 16000N, 20000N, 25000N, 30000N

c. Appearance:

Metal accessories of the post insulators are always assembled according to the drawing. Color of the post insulator is as per clients’ requirements.

The surface of epoxy resin post insulator must be smooth, flat, incomplete fillings, no air holes, no defects and flaws, such as crack and kink mark,

Drawing and Dimensions

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