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36kv (40.5kv) Circuit Breaker Embedded Pole EP36015
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36kv (40.5kv) Circuit Breaker Embedded Pole EP36015
36kv (40.5kv) Circuit Breaker Embedded Pole EP36015

Embedded Pole's Features:

Embedded pole is originated from Germany, the third generation MV embedded vacuum circuit breaker is jointly developed by
senior Sino-German experts.

Embedded pole gets the most complete products models for the third generation MV embedded vacuum circuit breakers

Ultra-low resistance vacuum interrupter and main circuit are embedded in epoxide resin, so embedded poles can be worked
in severe environment.

Embedded pole adopts ultra-low resistance vacuum interrupter, which fundamentally solved the question of large current embedded
poles’ technical need on temperature-raising, what’s more, it lowed the power consumption.

(1) High Reliability and Stability

Compared with assembly poles, embedded poles use much fewer spare parts, conductor faying surface and joint fastening pieces,
so the assembly of the main circuit is simplified, circuit resistance is lowered, and the reliability of main circuit connection is largely improved.

(2) Stable Insulation Ability

Vacuum interrupter is embedded into epoxy resin solid material, guaranteed the minimized affection from external environment,
and its external insulating ability will avoid the influence from dust, moisture, small animal, condensation and filthy, fully satisfy
requirements of GB/DL standards of secondary filthy area.

(3) Firm Structure

It will give more sufficient protection for vacuum interrupter, free of mechanical collision in process of assembly and transportation.

(4) Miniaturization

Its insulating media is epoxide resin, pole to pole distance will shorten, using less vacuum circuit breaker’s space.

(5) Free Maintenance

Because the whole pole is embedded to a complete part, vacuum interrupter gets fully protection, vacuum interrupter’s free maintenance
also benefit the circuit breaker’s free maintenance.

(6) More Environment Friendly

To some degree, embedded pole circuit breaker will take over SF6, so it is more environment friendly.

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